Elegance Dream requires a 50% deposit to order your merchandise. Payment can be made with Visa/MasterCard, personal check, money order or Bank wire.

When the merchandise is ready to ship, Elegance Dream will notify you, and you will be required to pay the balance of your order prior to shipping.

All items are considered special order and are not cancelable after 5 days after receipt of your first deposit. In the event that you choose to cancel your order within 5 days, a full refund will be made on the condition that you request this cancellation in writing.

Most merchandise that we feel is especially fragile will be forwarded to us from the factory for additional packaging prior to delivery to your home. We have a team of people who professionally package your product with additional cardboard, hard corners and shrink-wrap where needed. There are times we will forward your product directly from the factory if they participate in drop shipping.

All orders shipped will be traceable with a phone number and a pro number, which will be given to you by our staff. This will help you follow your order and let you know exactly when it will arrive. The price for the merchandise does not include shipping fee. Shipping and Handling fee is determined based on the freight and time of delivery.

Elegance Dream will file all claims for replacement of defective or damaged merchandise should the product arrive with a problem. We only require you to follow a few procedures (stated in the next paragraph) that are required in the claims process.

You will be responsible for inspecting the product at the time of delivery. In the event that you receive damaged merchandise, you must make all notations on the freight bill to ensure Elegance Dream right to claim reimbursements. Failure to do this will void all insurance! If the damage is severe, please refuse ONLY the item that is damaged and make notations on the freight bill. If the product is nicked or scraped, please keep the product and make the proper remarks on the freight bill. The product will be repaired or replacement parts will be sent. Please notify Elegance Dream immediately during the time of delivery in the event that there is damage.

Return Policy - All returns require Elegance Dream final authorization. In the event you wish to return the merchandise for reasons other than defect, you will be responsible to repackage the merchandise in new condition using the original wrap or box. Elegance Dream Furniture will initiate a pick up and return it to our store. Authorized returns will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. The cost to transport it back will be included in the restocking charge. The cost for all additional moving services performed at the time of delivery will not be refunded. These include Driver assisted charges, or inside delivery and un-boxing services.